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Our in-house engineering team are at the forefront of real-time wearable localisation technologies. This technology has seen implementations on-stage with the powerful TraXYZ performer tracking product, and is on it’s way to many more through smaller and smarter Awareables.

For Leisure, parks and attractions, Awareables can provide ultra-personalised experiences, sensing when a specific visitor approaches. You can safely monitor visitor location within centimetres and provide parents with an invisible safe-distance-zone for their children, sounding an alert if one strays too far out.

In industrial settings, see Industry 4.0, Our technology can create a safe workplace alongside heavily automated manufacturing and robotic systems. Awareables can pair to multiple health sensors, to also monitor heart-rate and breathing of people in dangerous roles. E.g. fire fighting

Sports fields can leap into an augmented reality where a video feed is olverayed with physical performance data, vitals and precise speed and location. Multiple Awarables sensors are able to work together to detect unusual joint movement and supplement physical therapy between matches.

Lastly, Health data and in particular telehealth technology will extend its reach with the simplicity and extendability of Awareables. Elderly or people who are unable to make regular visits to their health care provider, can provide a stream of health data, via our secure Private Cloud (see also: Privacy by Design).

A home gateway can ensure connectivity is not lost, by bonding cellular (5G/LTE), home internet and IoT coverage, this ensures that changing your WiFi by accident doesnt risk serious consequences to your health.

See Body Area Network for more Health use-case information.


Sendrato's Traxyz solution automatically and accurately tracks people or objects in real time on a stage by spotlight or cameras positioned around the stage.

Ultra-Wide Band Technology (UWB)

Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) radio technology is one of the most recent and accurate technologies. UWB technology, unlike other positioning technologies such as infra-red and ultrasound sensor, does not require a line-of-sight (LOS) and is not affected by the existence of other communication devices or external noise due to its high bandwidth and signal modulation.

  • Fixed UWB anchors
  • Accurate localisation
  • Accurate tracking with sample rates of 1Hz
  • Fixed BLE/UWB beacons
  • Proximity
  • RSSI based localisation (BLE)
  • Accurate distance ranging (UWB)

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A dedicated wireless networking infrastructure that allows for extremely reliable data communications

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A private cloud is an on-demand configurable cloud computing resources