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EventOS is your real-time command station for Events and Leisure. Built to manage crowds of 300,000, we integrate your core operations. Don’t let your old event management system (EMS) hold you back.

  1. Set up your milestones, staff accreditation and vendors, then launch.
  1. Monitor ticketing sales and RFID Cashless activity, with powerful tools to visualise insights and help you maximise return-on-investment (ROI).
  1. Operates with real-time dashboards and management tools for commerce (POS and E-Commerce), Access Control, Tickets, Crowd Behaviour, social or marketing activation and more.
  1. Highly extensible by integration APIs or with countless Internet-of-Things sensor systems.

  • Set capacity rules
  • Staff accreditation (permissions)
  • Commerce configurator (items, stores, price)
Launch dashboard
  • Ticket sales
  • Bookings, VIP, Virtual Queue
  • Top-up before attendance (online)
  • Integrate social campaigns
Open dashboard
  • Attendance
  • Capacity by area/room
  • Top up
  • Spending insights (popular items, popular vendors)
  • Crowd demographics
  • Heat map and activity maps
  • Interactions at event
  • Interactions online (social campaign tracking)
  • Incidents reporting
  • Staff location (with Awareables)
  • Virtual queue manager
  • Financial reconciliation data
  • Data explorer insights - Learnings

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