Sports fields can leap into an augmented reality where a video feed is olverayed with physical performance data, vitals and precise speed and location. Multiple Awarables sensors are able to work together to detect unusual joint movement and supplement physical therapy between matches.


Smart Tickets - coming soon


A dedicated wireless networking infrastructure that allows for extremely reliable data communications

Private Cloud

A private cloud is an on-demand configurable cloud computing resources



Our in-house engineering team are at the forefront of real-time wearable, localisation technologies. Including TraXYZ, BLE, UWB and other technologies

Body Area Network

Multiple applications in Industry, Leisure, Sports performance and Health using sensor pairing and cutting edge localisation


EventOS is your real-time command station for Events and Leisure. Built to manage crowds of 300,000, we integrate your core operations. Don’t let your old event management system (EMS) hold you back.