Health data and in particular telehealth technology will extend its reach with the simplicity and extendability of Awareables. Elderly or people who are unable to make regular visits to their health care provider, can provide a stream of health data, via our secure Private Cloud (see also: Privacy by Design).


A dedicated wireless networking infrastructure that allows for extremely reliable data communications

Private Cloud

A private cloud is an on-demand configurable cloud computing resources

Access Control

Make long queues, confusing ticketing processes and fraud a thing of the past with valid RFID credentials


Cashless payments with RFID will Increase revenue, provide accurate reconciliation in real-time and maximise your visitors experience



Our in-house engineering team are at the forefront of real-time wearable, localisation technologies. Including TraXYZ, BLE, UWB and other technologies

Body Area Network

Multiple applications in Industry, Leisure, Sports performance and Health using sensor pairing and cutting edge localisation

Contact Tracing

We are experts in wearable, tracking and crowd control solutions. We have created a product line, specifically for the current Corona crisis.