A curious team of scientists, engineers and developers. 
Playful and entrepreneurial. 

Always pushing the limits.

Developing an inspiring, innovative product is only the beginning, to guarantee their success we must be one step ahead of the future.

In our ever-changing world, forward-thinking, strategic teams are essential in creating outstanding and revolutionary technology products. 

We believe in the power of strong eco-systems, building winning partnerships makes for lasting success.

This why we launched Sendrato Ventures.

Our talent stack is the backbone of our unique creations and achievements.

Our team consists of passionate problem solvers, with specialisations ranging from mechanical engineering and firmware development to full-stack software and product design. We invite challenge and recognise each bespoke delivery as the growth of our venture.

Our Process

1. Discovery

Together we will adopt your project and identify the greatest value that our technologies can bring to the experience. Seeking out your existing innovations and amplifying them with frictionless technology, or inventing entirely new ones.

2. Development

We measure carefully as we ideate and design your solutions, development cycles are agile and collaborative. At this stage the whole team can contribute with broad specialisations to refine and define your most valuable execution.

3. Execution

On-time implementations are our bread and butter but this does not spell the end. the execution of each project is a living and growing process, it moves with sharpening requirements and economics, it communicates through exploratory data and it expands with iterative growth.

"I have to really thank you for your hard work on TraXYZ. The system is behaving amazing and is really opening up a lot of ideas for us."

Joel Reeves, Entertainment Manager Disney Hong Kong

You may have seen our work

Any questions?

Do you work with clients outside of the EU?

We can deploy our technologies just about anywhere in the world!
Get in touch with your project and we will make any necessary enquiries to reach a solution.

Do you do festival payments?

Sendrato has fast and ultra-resillient festival solutions, wireless and payment systems are available.

How much does a deployment cost?

Our deployments can vary greatly in capabilities, but prices in events can start similar to your ticketing service and extend as more magic is built in, of course this can bring enormous value in greater management of your events and enhancing your visitors experience.

Do you do smaller events?

Yes and often with more advanced technologies, the best and less.


🎢 Leisure

Private Cellular
Consumer Insights

⚕️Health Care

Body Area Network
Sensor Pairing
Monitor Vitals
Fall Detection
Privacy by Design

🏗 Industry 4.0 

Precise Localisation
Private Cellular
Distance Warning
Indoor Navigation
Monitor Vitals

⚽️ Sports

Track Performance
Monitor Vitals
Video Motion Track
Video Overlay
Precise Localisation

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